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Online Game Tactical Assassin 3

Tactical Assassin 3

As a professional sniper you have to fulfill demanding missions.

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 18th, 2011

Online Game Carveola Incident

Carveola Incident

Do not let the zombies to get to your base. You will receive money for killing t...

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 17th, 2011

Online Game Canary


Your friends miners do not respond to messages, and you were sent to find out wh...

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 14th, 2011

Online Game Shamrock Shooter

Shamrock Shooter

Try to collect all the bags with money. If you manage, your task will be to get ...

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 13th, 2011

Online Game Builders Brawl

Builders Brawl

The workers on a building site are shooting at each other. The game is based on ...

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 13th, 2011

Online Game Mad Bombs

Mad Bombs

Light the stickman with a torch and try to get to Death very quickly. It will b...

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 11th, 2011

Online Game Cactus McCoy

Cactus McCoy

In this fun jumping game you run through the Wild West with a cactus and destroy...

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 11th, 2011

Online Game Swat Rescue Team

Swat Rescue Team

The harbor is occupied by criminals and your job is to shoot them.

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 10th, 2011

Online Game Powerfox 4

Powerfox 4

Help the little fox defeat all the gods. You can choose from several tools, such...

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 9th, 2011

Online Game Crash Car Combat

Crash Car Combat

Get into the car and enter the arena. Your task is to smash your opponents vehic...

Platform : Shockwave

Added : Mar 7th, 2011

Online Game Mario Sea War

Mario Sea War

This time, Mario is in a ship and defends his base from enemy attack.

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 6th, 2011

Online Game Epic Defender

Epic Defender

Defend your base from attacks of the enemy soldiers. In each level the difficult...

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 5th, 2011

Online Game Gummy War

Gummy War

In this interesting shooting game you will be tasked to destroy the incoming pin...

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 4th, 2011

Online Game Legend of the Golden Robot

Legend of the Golden Robot

Fight your way through many enemies to the golden robot and beat him. During you...

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 3rd, 2011

Online Game Snow White - Back to Life

Snow White - Back to Life

Fight with Snow White against the enemies sent by the evil queen.

Platform : Flash

Added : Mar 3rd, 2011


Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9b
Love Sonic the hedgehog. They need shadow the hedgehog ...
Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 1
lol mother fucker
Traffic Slam 3
Did you install Unity3D ? What browser do you have ? Tr...
8 Ball Pool Multiplayer
Soooo Addicted!!!! :-P :-D
Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9b
Alguem Me Diz Se Tem O Mr.Game
Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9b
Nice game... need Shadow the hedgehod and Vegeta
Traffic Slam 3
it is not coming;[can someone help me plz
Freefall Tournament
lololol im troll so many people :-P @= @= @= @= @= ...
Red Crucible 2
Red Crucible 2
@= -_-


Updates to Plinga games

Updates to Plinga games

Family Barn Update name: Oktoberfest Release date: 29/09/2...

News about Plinga Games

News about Plinga Games

Family Barn Update name: Time to Volley Release date: 22/0...

How to run Unity games - Instructions

How to run Unity games - Instructions

In Chrome, we run Unity games as follows: 1. Installing Un... is a young website, but now we can offer you a lot of games. We have a large collection of games from famous sites -,, and more. We hope that you will experience a lot of fun here. So enjoy :)

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