Basketball Games

Number of games: 38 (Overall rating: 79%)
Sports Heads: Basketball Championship online game

68% 36.7k plays

Sports Heads: Basketball Championship

Basketball Stars 2D online game

85% 49.3k plays

Basketball Stars 2D

Basket Battle online game

71% 4.1k plays

Basket Battle

Rio 2016 Olympic Games online game

85% 32.6k plays

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Basketball Legends 2020 online game

86% 25.5k plays

Basketball Legends 2020

BasketBros online game

96% 26.8k plays

Basketball 2018 online game

73% 46.3k plays

Basketball 2018

Basket Random online game

88% 14.5k plays

Basket Random

Jump Basket online game

67% 18.7k plays

Jump Basket

Tallman Dunk Rush online game

74% 2.9k plays

Tallman Dunk Rush

Basketball Star online game

87% 14.0k plays

Basketball Star

Jump Dunk 3D online game

86% 6.0k plays

Jump Dunk 3D

Stick Basketball online game

85% 645 plays

Stick Basketball

Basketball online game

91% 16.1k plays

Flipper Dunk 3D online game

73% 2.2k plays

Flipper Dunk 3D

BunnyLimpics Basketball online game

78% 12.8k plays

BunnyLimpics Basketball

Kogama: Basketball Arena online game

72% 29.6k plays

Kogama: Basketball Arena

Basketball Jam Shots online game

83% 24.8k plays

Basketball Jam Shots

Basketball Arcade online game

66% 11.9k plays

Basketball Arcade

Basketball Stars online game

78% 19.4k plays

Basketball Stars

Nick Basketball Stars 2 online game

96% 16.4k plays

Nick Basketball Stars 2

3D Basketball online game

77% 15.9k plays

3D Basketball

Five Hoops online game

88% 15.0k plays

Five Hoops

Dunk Legend online game

70% 8.6k plays

Dunk Legend

Bouncy Dunks online game

77% 7.0k plays

Bouncy Dunks

Cannon Basketball 4 online game

89% 8.2k plays

Cannon Basketball 4

Nick Basketball Stars online game

90% 20.4k plays

Nick Basketball Stars

Basketball Line online game

65% 6.7k plays

Basketball Line

Street Hoops 3D online game

85% 12.3k plays

Street Hoops 3D

Basketball Games are online games that are played in a browser and can be played on mobile devices as well. These games are perfect for basketball enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of the game anytime, anywhere. The three most popular games in the Basketball Games category are Sports Heads: Basketball Championship, Halloween Basketball Legends, and Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Basketball Games are designed to offer a fun and engaging experience that captures the essence of the real game. Some games are 3D, while others are in 2D. Gamers can play for free, without the need for downloads or installations. The games are easy to play, with simple controls and instructions, making them suitable for both adults and kids. One of the great things about Basketball Games is that new games are added regularly. This means that gamers can always look forward to fresh content, different challenges and exciting gameplay. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these games are the perfect way to hone your basketball skills and have fun while doing it. So why not try one today and see how far you can go?

Play the best online games from the category - Basketball Games. 🎮 New games every day, no download or installation required. Just click and play right now!
Five Nights at Freddy's online game

88% 3.8m plays

Five Nights at Freddy's

Monopoly Online online game

62% 915k plays

Monopoly Online

Traffic Jam 3D online game

87% 541k plays

Traffic Jam 3D

Learn to Fly 3 online game

72% 306k plays

Learn to Fly 3

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 online game

87% 3.1m plays

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Can Your Pet? online game

66% 378k plays

Can Your Pet?

Bloons TD 5 online game

74% 200k plays

Bloons Tower Defense 5

Five nights at Freddy's 2 online game

88% 2.1m plays

Five nights at Freddy's 2

Cactus McCoy online game

94% 379k plays

Cactus McCoy

1v1 online game

89% 877k plays


Papa's Scooperia online game

92% 918k plays

Papa's Scooperia

Cartoon Strike: Lite Version online game

84% 7.0m plays

Cartoon Strike

Cartoon Strike: Lite Version online game

84% 7.0m plays

Cartoon Strike

My Land: King Defender online game

89% 5.4k plays

My Land: King Defender

Mini Colony online game

74% 18.4k plays

Mini Colony

House Builder online game

59% 65.9k plays

House Builder

Mini Farm online game

88% 79.1k plays

Mini Farm

Mini Survival online game

80% 89.2k plays

Mini Survival