Request games here !

hey can you guys pls email me privately my gmail is pls do i dont like posting things to suggest and cause i have no one to talk to and your the most famouse people i know on the internet🙁 🙁 🙁
Hey Marty! Would be great to bring on the old classic Cash Invaders!

The enemy is going into smiley face positions! Battle stations! :D

The offical website is here
It runs on DOSBOX and the controls are
Left And Right Arrow Keys To Move; Up And Down Arrow Keys To Select A Power Up, Then Enter To Make Your Selection.

Cheat Codes:
endless supply - endless ammo for any power-up you buy
triggerhappy - more firepower, fast autofire for every weapon
bullseye - display accuracy
credit check - powerups cost nothing
starfleet - start with 99 ships
jump to level [nr] - start on level [nr], example "jump to level 50"
target practice - practise bonus rounds
sitting duck - all enemies are snipers, extra hard mode
back to the roots - Space Invaders style, stick to one level
keep the change - no cash, invaders don't drop coins
big fat cheater - all cheats at once

I hope some more Humans enjoy this game as much as this Sea Dragon has!
Can you test to add this game.

It is a battlefield game.

WASD to walk
Shift to run
Mause to aim
Mousebutton to walk
By the way.
When you are at it you might want to publish this game as well. I think it is even cooler!

Title: Grass Minecraft Battlefield online

Grass Minecraft Battlefield is an online battle royale game in a Minecraft world. You spawn in the middle of intense fights. Power-ups, more powerful weapons, and more can be found when hiding from bullets and shooting at the enemies.
Make your bullets count!

WASD to walk
Spacebar to jump
Shift to run

Mouse to aim
Mouse button to fire
Marty, Hello. I find online ports of "OpenArena" (in browser it named "OpenArena Live") and "Cube2: Sauerbraten" please, add this games! (If this message have errors, sorry, i'm russian :p )