I have noticed a few probems with both versions of

Marty, I would love to say, Cartoon Strike has been great, But I am not a fan of the newest update, especially the controls, they feel soft and hard to control compared to the less smooth more frequent controls of the last version, it, at least for me, has made the game nearly unplayable. It would be great if you changed that back. and also, the hit detection has been ruined, it took 5 shots from a sniper for the hit to register, before it was much more constant, this has made me want to stop playing the game.

I recommend reverting CS back to the older engine, but adding in the Office Map.
Speaking of Maps, I recommend adding a few.
Number one is Dust 2 from CSGO, you can find it easily, you can even find one suited for your engine, it can be found in Special Strike, If it does not fit, maybe just make the textures a bit more basic. Because that map is awesome!
Another Map that would be great is City from War Attack
another game that has minecraft like graphics, it is very wide open, and I love the parcour.

Also, for the Cartoon Strike App, it would be nice if running was automatic like in Special Strike Mobile and Unity FPS Kit 3.0.
And also an aim helper, and cross platform. That might not be in the Fps Kit, but you seem to know your way around it control wise, so I don't think that is too hard.

Also, dying gives you $400, which has been taken advantage of by one of my friends and has made the game less fun.
And on the Farm map, you can easily get out of bounds and makes it really easy to get the sniper.

Finally, Flash Grenades would be great and so would Bomb Defusal.

I hope you will add at least some of these, and at least fix the newest update! CS is one of my favorite FPS games and I don't want to have to stop playing it!
Sorry for Reposting here, just want to make sure you notice it ASAP!
funny thing 😀 , we changed nothing with controls or hit detection, literally nothing. So you probably just connected to the wrong region. Because these settings are the same as in the version 1.0.

We can add something similar to Dust2, no problem.

In the future updates we can consider to add aim helper or automatic running, but not cross platform. PC players have mouse and that's a big advantage.

But right now we are working on steam version of Cartoon Strike, so online version won't receive any massive update in near future.
Hi Marty! Just wanted to say that new update was absolutely amazing! I was wondering if you could also put the maps Poolday, Aztec, and Inferno from Counter Strike in the game, and also Nuketown from COD, I also made my own map layout for a map in the game which I can send to you, but it isn't a model. Also, for weapons, can you change the sniper to the AWP, allow rockrtjumping with the rocket launcher, and add dual pistols, and an Elimination/Bomb Defusal mode would be great! Also, on the map town, you should add a ladder to get on top of the tall buildings for sniping. Also it would be cool if you expanded the original maps, like in Town, you could add a big boat behind the CAT spawn (whichever one is near the water) and on the Ships level, add a section inside the big ship and maybe even a passage from the inside of the big ship to the inside of the small ship, and on farm being able to go inside the barn and go on a second floor where you can sniper, also, a map set in dungeons, a map set on a construction site, a map in space, or.maybe even 2fort from team fortress would all be coo map ideas. So, that was a lot but I hope you do some of those ideas. Again, that update rocked!!!
nah, the game seems to run on the same engine as a lot of other games, I have heard it is called FPS Kit 3, but the file has been taken down on the official website, I was wondering if you could share a google drive link to the file.