Suggestions and Feedback

Reduce lag, make aiming with the mouse less delayed, start with lowest graphics, more ways to reduce lag (viewdistance) customizable armory, more modes, ping kicking, a top down mode, scroll to change weapons, changing inappropriate signs in city, cross platform support, better walking and running animations, faster hitdetection, more responsive controls, grenade should be seen when held, parcour on top of high buildings in city (you cant get out of bounds if the outer area is surrounded by water) fixing the out of bounds fence jump glitch on farm, famas, easier way to switch weapons, flash grenades, killstreaks, and i think thats all i can think of at the moment
right now we are working on Steam version, which will be better than online version in every way. So things like - customizable armory, more modes, ping kicking, a top down mode, scroll to change weapons, .... But what we are not planning is cross platform support (PC vs mobile). You can never reach the same skill on mobile device as you have on PC.
In online version we are planning few bug fixes, new maps and maybe also new mode.
hi i noticed that the web page runs out of memory after playing for about 15min and i have to refresh the page to fix it. the error says that its out of memory and if you are the developer then you should try allocating more memory to the opengl or something like that.
One thing that would be nice to see is more active admins for Gameflare in general. Because some underage users use this site and unfortunately they like to use some mature themes for Chatroom names etc...
A map maker would be nice, there was that one game on here that was FPS and it let you create maps then host servers using that map.
Vehicles, (Humvee's, ATV's etc) would be a great audition to online battles and such.
For a new "mode", why not make a objective based mode specific to each map.
Like for the Harbor Map team Terrorists objective might be to arm a bomb located somewhere on the map (One of the ships?) Then it is the (Idk what side its called, "Americans"😉 job to deactivate the bomb and to hold the terrorists off until the match timer runs to zero.
I would be happy to write out scripts for the objective based modes, if you need to contact me otherwise you can at
If you would like me to work on a draft script just let me know!
I am active every day 😈
We are working on Steam version of Cartoon Strike. There will be new modes, vehicles and lot of new content. Online version is not in development anymore.
it would be nice if people that just take up space in a room, along with high ping, wouldn't make everyone else lag. i know this is probably something that is out of your control marty, but i just thought i'd report that little issue. 😉