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I have already discovered just about everything on that site. That's when I knew Gameflare. Played a lot there, and loved it. My vote is 4.8/5. Really likeeed cartoon strike
Hi Marty,

First of all thanks for the games you create/host, a lot of fun.

However, there is one game in particular called Cartoon Strike where we think the service is being abused by a player probably from Europe (ping 180-220ms). Seems like he's on all day?

Abuses are for example:
- multiple copies of himself (ie many browser windows)
- hits "Change Character" to evade danger/before dying
- shoot rpgs and respawns before they hit (kills own team member)
- typical spawn killer (sad but manageable)

If only:
- remove change character
- or make longer delay (20 or more secs?)


Many thanks,