Call Of Duty (2003)

Hey all!
I was wondering how many of you still play COD (2003) still? I do by choice, once you crack the game the door to player owned servers is opened, am I the only crazy one doing this? 😀
Are you still playing this game? Well, there are many series of Call of Duty video game like Black Ops, Modern Warfare, World War 2 and many more. Which is your favorite series to play? I also like to play a video game, but many times I used to play a shooter video game in the multiplayer mode. Now a day, I am playing Call of Duty World War 2, as it the latest series of the COD video game to play. This game has been recently launched, this series is now available with amazing new graphics and better players. One can play this game with three different modes that are a Campaign, Multiplayer, and Co-Operative. Playing this game is like taking yourself to the next level of the gaming players. You can also buy Call of Duty World War 2 if interested in playing this game. Previously, all of my friends used to play a game in an online team, they all inspired me to have this game. Playing any game with friends helps us to extract more fun out of it. But it is true that to play any game in the multiplayer mode we need to gain some experience in single player mode. I simply used to play on the PC as I found it very easy and convenient to play games on it. This game can also be played on the other gaming console like PS and Xbox.
Yeah I'm thinking of buying a steam card after I get hired (If I am). Then I might and will buy Modern Warfare, I would download the torrent but my internet provider threatened legal action against me if I do so again.