How can you play with a friend

Well for battleship but just in general on this website, myself and my friend want to play each other and cannot add each other to a game please can share step by step how we can do this.
Gameflare friends don't apply to most if any games. Does battleship have a code system where you both need to put in a code to play???

But Marty in the future you should try and have game devs tie in their games with Gameflares friend lists.
Well, there are many online video games that can be played in the multiplayer mode. Playing any game in the multiplayer mode enables you to invites your friends in your running video game. I know the importance of playing a game with friends.😛
Well, in games with server "rooms" you would make a password so only people/friends with the password can join.
This works with Combat Online and Stunt Simulator Multiplayer for example.