How to play Unity3D games using browsers like Chrome, Firefox and others?

1. How to play Unity3D games using browser like, for example, Internet Explorer ?

Starting Unity3D games in browser like Internet Explorer is very easy. The only thing you need is Unity Web Player which can be downloaded via this link -
Installing it is simple and takes approximately 10 seconds. Just click on the downloaded file, then on "I Agree" and "Finish".After the installation of this program your Unity3D game should start without any problems. If this is not the case, try refreshing the website or closing and again opening the browser.

2. How to play Unity3D games using Chrome?

Unfortunately, since version 45 Chrome no longer supports Unity3D directly. That‘s why you have two options:


 Install GameLoad in Firefox or Chrome. In the Unity3D game, just click on PLAY and the game will open in a new window.


Download the extension for the Chrome and also the program GameLoad which will find the game in Unity3D on the website and, using GameLoad, it will open the game in a new window. If the game doesn’t work correctly, it is possible to open the entire website in a new window, which should ensure a smooth start of the game. Just check video tutorial. This works on every website.
Download GameLoad for Chrome


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