BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife Life Simulator online game

BitLife Life Simulator

• Published May 13th, 2022 with 140587 plays
• Developer: Candywriter

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  • Mouse interaction
BitLife Life Simulator is a simulator where you will be making important decisions about your life that will influence its course. For instance, you can get married with the love of your life, have kids and get a great education. You can also pick some options that will frankly scare your parents, but hey, maybe they’ll be fun? You can become a criminal mastermind, fall in love or start chasing adventure, lead a prison riot, smuggle bags of drugs or cheat on your partner. You pick your own story. Interactive story games are on the market for a long time, but this is the first text based life simulator that will be able to simulate the story well enough!

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Pintobean [22:55 Sep 22nd, 2022]

I love bitlife - however I have yet to figure out - does this web save your progress?

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AnV2917514e (unregistered) [20:11 Sep 28th, 2022]

I don’t know,besides,I restarted progress so I don’t think so.😭

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mom (unregistered) [07:07 Oct 6th, 2022]

no you cant

The player has no avatar
Idk (unregistered) [20:42 Oct 9th, 2022]

Kind of lol

The player has no avatar
Hmm (unregistered) [20:32 Sep 22nd, 2022]

The dating app breaks my game

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He_it (unregistered) [20:46 Oct 9th, 2022]

Lol me too

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wednesdayparty85 (unregistered) [20:11 Sep 11th, 2022]

i love this game😍

The player has no avatar
Baby-gOrL (unregistered) [16:24 Sep 10th, 2022]

Plz update

Cindy10000 [22:37 Sep 8th, 2022]

I got hero ending

The player has no avatar
sophie (unregistered) [21:45 Aug 6th, 2022]

I got the hero ending 💕

Cindy10000 [19:04 Aug 18th, 2022]

Nice job

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sophie (unregistered) [23:52 Jul 21st, 2022]

yay love this game but i dont like dogs can kill your cats in the game i will remember timy dash is a bad boy🙁

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yio (unregistered) [23:30 Jul 20th, 2022]

wheres my button

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Quandariesdingle (unregistered) [08:14 Jul 20th, 2022]

Keeps on randomly freezing and I have to keeep on restarting it very annoying

The player has no avatar
amywolf123 (unregistered) [15:57 Jul 5th, 2022]

this takes a long time😞

The player has no avatar
lolbit (unregistered) [23:11 Jul 4th, 2022]

i just start

BigFloppa [00:03 Jun 30th, 2022]

pretty fun

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bill (unregistered) [13:36 Jun 25th, 2022]

the game freezes alot nd when i refresh the page it removes like 10 years off of my life

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KatTheDog (unregistered) [01:49 Aug 14th, 2022]


L0SERBaBe [14:36 Jun 20th, 2022]


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Cindy (unregistered) [21:48 Jun 9th, 2022]



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