BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife Life Simulator online game

BitLife Life Simulator

• Published May 13th, 2022 with 135487 plays
• Developer: Candywriter

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  • Mouse interaction
BitLife Life Simulator is a simulator where you will be making important decisions about your life that will influence its course. For instance, you can get married with the love of your life, have kids and get a great education. You can also pick some options that will frankly scare your parents, but hey, maybe they’ll be fun? You can become a criminal mastermind, fall in love or start chasing adventure, lead a prison riot, smuggle bags of drugs or cheat on your partner. You pick your own story. Interactive story games are on the market for a long time, but this is the first text based life simulator that will be able to simulate the story well enough!

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cat (unregistered) [09:33 Mar 16th, 2023]

But I don't care what you like because it's my game uwu😡

The player has no avatar
none_yuh (unregistered) [21:31 Mar 30th, 2023]

i love this game but its a little bad for me to play cause i was born in 2013 and now im nine

The player has no avatar
Raven (unregistered) [15:34 Apr 6th, 2023]

u shouldn't be playing this if ur nine

AriusHill [04:31 Mar 16th, 2023]

I reached the age of 108, and got the Academic Ending.

AriusHill [01:12 Mar 15th, 2023]

My game crashes went I try to go over 50 murders.

is this unfair???😭😭😭

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YESSSSSMWYLIFEISSOAA (unregistered) [20:46 Mar 14th, 2023]

Ooh i love this game

and this is the best game ever, why is it the version 1

The player has no avatar
Girl (unregistered) [13:31 Mar 12th, 2023]

This bitlife is really old

AriusHill [04:42 Mar 14th, 2023]

Did you say that bitlife is really old? No, it's released 4 years ago.

The player has no avatar
JesseJade15 (unregistered) [17:00 Apr 9th, 2023]

That is actually old

The player has no avatar
skyler (unregistered) [21:54 Mar 10th, 2023]

school chromebook at 10pm sigh

HE4RTS4AXOLOTLS [20:08 Mar 16th, 2023]

omg samee

The player has no avatar
Hotmomma (unregistered) [08:51 Mar 10th, 2023]

At my snap prettylana56

The player has no avatar
hawtdog (unregistered) [13:10 Mar 9th, 2023]

he is lol

The player has no avatar
skyler (unregistered) [12:50 Mar 9th, 2023]

davis is a goofy cornball

The player has no avatar
Idk (unregistered) [18:27 Mar 5th, 2023]

I’m addicted

The player has no avatar
i_hate_karens (unregistered) [22:46 Mar 1st, 2023]

it says the site cant be reached >🙁

Crit_Craft [16:27 Mar 1st, 2023]

My sister shot me with a blowgun in the hip at age 2. Why she do that?

The player has no avatar
AlanaH_bayy (unregistered) [11:17 Mar 14th, 2023]

why would hs edo that

The player has no avatar
cat (unregistered) [07:59 Mar 1st, 2023]

i Love it😍

The player has no avatar
Cirryt (unregistered) [03:21 Feb 26th, 2023]

It's crazy if my pet died after eat some chocolate cake.

The player has no avatar
ImagiMANIA (unregistered) [17:23 Feb 28th, 2023]

That is such a coincidence, right?!😵

The player has no avatar
firewolf (unregistered) [14:42 Mar 21st, 2023]


The player has no avatar
joe (unregistered) [13:50 Feb 21st, 2023]

why does the screen keeps getting black?

The player has no avatar
Jane67 (unregistered) [03:19 Feb 26th, 2023]

Because of your computer ser.

The player has no avatar
siv (unregistered) [10:06 Mar 16th, 2023]

this is good

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