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sompol [11:03 Dec 21st, 2018]
When I dream about my perfect world then I see big sandbox game with no borders and with high tolerance for other people and gamers. Then we willl se how it work and what will happen with poeple and ecology 🙁 More tolerant and more Path of Exile Orbs and PoE currency for sale. For five years I have been playing in PoE and op omi mo that this is not a new game, it still seems that it is the best among games for sellers and buyers. Economics is unique, especially and prosocial. I bought the most Orbs of Regret in the number of 3541 :O This is quite a lot. I also buy Divine orbs and Orbs of transmutation. But Exalted orbs and Chaos orbs are still the most popular and respectful. I buy them very willingly. Someday I'll buy Mirror of Kalandra :-)
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sompol [08:53 Oct 4th, 2018]
Hey Hey hello?
Nearan Nadorian
Nearan Nadorian [18:00 Dec 27th, 2018]

Uh, Hi, Hello There? XD