A Fly Like a Bird 3 Movie - Warrior's Last Flight - The Last Adventure

A Fly Like a Bird 3 Movie - Warrior's Last Flight - The Last Adventure

A Fly Like a Bird 3 Movie - Warrior's Last Flight - The Last Adventure

Culzmac Gamevialcheats

• Published Feb 12th, 2019 with 1679 views
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Fly Like a bird 3 online game

85% 413.8k plays

Fly Like a bird 3

Film Rating - Drama/Comedy

William, a year old abandoned starling is learning the truth about life. The harsh environment this bird was forced to grow up in turned him from helpless into a fighter. He as well as the Flock will fight and protect the innocent birds from Claw and his plans.

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This video can only be seen in Spanish and English, soon I will have Russian and Portuguese all via captions!

Thank you for 500 subscribers, I made this movie for you guys to enjoy. I added so many new things the other four movies would dream to have, especially Crow’s Life XD

We all know of Flabs shutdown, but it’s not dead, here is a download link to be able to play Flab!


Charaitors - Bird/Gender/Year

William - Starling/Male/Year Old
Sky - Seagull/Female/4 Years Old
Stan - Robin/Male/5 Years Old
BB - Crow/Male/5 Years Old
Happy - Barn Owl/Female/15 Years Old
Max - Crow/Male/2 Years Old
MoonLight - Starling/Female/2 Years Old
Maggie - Macaw/Female/6 Years Old
Claw - Swan/Male/15 Years Old
Tack - Barn Owl/Male/1 Years Old
Perry - Pigeon/Male/9 Years Old
Lovely - Pigeon/Female/10 Years Old
Tweeters - Pigeon/Male/9 Years Old
Kellie - Eagle/Female/17 Years Old
Lilly - Ringneck/Female/6 Years Old

I think I got all lol XD - *Not including all 6 of Claw’s Macaws*


If you haven’t already, go check out the other four movies *BEFORE* this!

Crow’s Life - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fJ8i...
Crow’s Life 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5GKr...
The Story of Tempest - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46dSf...
Molly the Robin - https://youtu.be/8gl4STTf-QQ


I want to thank Coco The Fox and Flying Disc for helping me half way threw the film! Coco The Fox, for playing Happy in some parts, and Flying Disc for playing Sky and BB in half of the film. Thank you guys for your help!


Hope you enjoyed this 34min movie, it's the longest I’ve ever made! Thank you all for your support, it really helps when you leave likes. That show me you guys like these movies, and then I can create more in the future! That being said, I am thinking of doing a whole new series after this one and if you have any ideas for it, let me know in the comments below!!!

The Ideas from last time are, Pet Macaw, Robins vs Ringnecks, and Seagull’s Life.
Seagull’s Life is a little too much copy of Crow’s Life, so may not do that one. Robins vs Ringnecks, I just need more ideas to get this started. Pet Macaw, I need more ideas to get it going. NOTE I will only be using one of these ideas for my next series, I want you guys to vote on witch one you want in the comments below, or if you have a different idea let me hear it too!



Directed and Filmed by - Culzmac Gamevialcheats
Editing by - Culzmac Gamevialcheats
Copyrighted by - Culzmac Gamevialcheats © ARR
Music - (I created none of these) - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...


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srasia (unregistered) [08:33 Feb 28th, 2019]

🙁 😛 😈

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jack228822 (unregistered) [14:04 Feb 26th, 2019]

hi i love this game

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Culzmac Gamevialcheats [11:49 Apr 14th, 2019]

Same, me too!

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sans (unregistered) [10:32 Feb 18th, 2019]

that was awesome

The player has no avatar
Culzmac Gamevialcheats [11:49 Apr 14th, 2019]

Thank you! 🙂

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