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Ailen A. Alfonzo

Country: Venezuela
Registration: May 31st, 2021
Games played: 72
Number of comments: 8
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• comment on Mini Survival

I refresh the page and it work good again.😅😂
PS: it's a bug...😠🐛👊We need solution for that plz.🙊😉

• comment on Mini Survival

And I can't load my progress.😭😞

• comment on Mini Survival

I can't eat in my PC😢😫

• comment on Survival Simulator

I can't move 😞😢😬😖

• comment on Survival Simulator

No lo se 😕

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91% 6.4k plays

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Raft Survival

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80% 60.1k plays

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Survival Simulator  online game

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Survival Simulator

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75% 8.0k plays

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