Become a Youtuber and get more views for your video

If you want to become a Youtuber and gain a few fans and a few thousand views on the way, GameFlare has a great offer for you.


All you have to do is upload a video from an online game that you’ve played and add a link to GameFlare in the video description. The video can then be added to our web and after being approved it will be visible to all of the GameFlare players.
The video should ideally be of a game played on our webpage, but it’s not a requirement. After that you have a bigger chance of your video gaining views.

It’s rather simple:

    * Upload your video to YouTube or other video portals
    * Put a link to GameFlare in the description. You can simply copy the url address and paste it into the text under the video – e.g. or an address for a specific game – e.g.
    * You need a GameFlare account to add the video. If you don’t have one, simply register here.
    * After that, go to User Settings (click your avatar in the upper right corner) and click Add Video.
    * Put in information about your video – e.g. name, description, link to video – for instance
    * After submitting the video, you just have to wait for the mods to approve it. After its approval, your video will be put into the Videos section.

You will then gain a number of new fans and thousands of views. If you have any problems or any questions, you can go to our forum.

For those who don’t know how to take videos from a game, here’s a simple guide.


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Mickey mouse playz (unregistered) [18:18 Sep 22nd, 2021]

I love this game i thought it was hard at first

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among among555 (unregistered) [00:04 Aug 11th, 2021]


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love (unregistered) [17:40 Apr 12th, 2021]

Me too! just need to wait until not laggy.

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306026 (unregistered) [16:02 Mar 26th, 2021]

I love this!!!!!😝😝😝

фkaiboi [10:43 Mar 22nd, 2021]

im a youtube and i got a fottage of playing this and got scared the **** out of

фkaiboi [10:45 Mar 22nd, 2021]

i got scared the **** out of

Will’s Gaming
Will’s Gaming [09:41 Aug 14th, 2021]

im confused on how to post the gameplay on to the website, I red the instructions but I am still confused even after following all the steps bc it doesn't work

Marty [13:52 Aug 14th, 2021]

just click on avatar in the right corner and then on Videos. Then on Add.

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michalis (unregistered) [07:28 Mar 18th, 2021]

how far can you jump please answer?

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Iron Man (unregistered) [21:28 Mar 1st, 2021]

its boring

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kalub[killer] (unregistered) [18:23 Feb 28th, 2021]

im a pro at building games

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hello l youtube (unregistered) [14:27 Feb 25th, 2021]

it's cool

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luna (unregistered) [06:38 Feb 11th, 2021]

i love this game !!!!!!

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gremillion (unregistered) [16:57 Feb 7th, 2021]

I love this game because I got 105 and I never get that before😃😃😃😃😃

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Liam (unregistered) [13:30 Mar 27th, 2021]

i am going to decome a you tuder😆😆😆😆😆

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Luisa (unregistered) [12:16 Feb 4th, 2021]


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Imjackylol justin (unregistered) [07:33 Jan 29th, 2021]

Hello guys!😃😃😃Im get little scared but Im so Scared😭😭😭

Braylon Downing
Braylon Downing [13:31 Jan 28th, 2021]


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piece control kyle (unregistered) [12:53 Feb 4th, 2021]

im pieace control kyle 0 earnges dog water free you are freer

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ronnie (unregistered) [18:50 Jan 24th, 2021]

i have seen so many people play this on yutube and i would like to play it


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