Combat Online

Combat Online online game

Combat Online

• Published Apr 24th, 2018 with 650928 views
• Developer: NadGames


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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • 1 || 9 change weapon
  • Shift run
  • R reload
  • F pick up the object
  • Tab menu

In this game, you’ll join either a US or a German server. You’ll then be tasked with getting as many points for your team as possible. Use multiple weapons to gun down your opponents. You can use pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and many other weapons! There will also be a multitude of maps to choose from. The game has great graphics and simple gameplay. So jump right into it and get your team some points!

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xavier (unregistered) [16:46 Jan 14th, 2020]

the to you in kikes
to des

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Greedo Tetsu Jr (unregistered) [18:42 Jan 6th, 2020]

The old version was better. There are too many adds, and you can just farm coins. But it is still a great game!

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gfnb (unregistered) [07:01 Jan 4th, 2020]

This is stupid with all of these ads it stops you right in the middle of playing.

Marty [07:35 Jan 4th, 2020]

I'm sorry, but we can't change it. This is the developer's decision.

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dadgu (unregistered) [08:34 Dec 28th, 2019]

mui buen juego😘😍

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nugs (unregistered) [16:42 Dec 25th, 2019]

no its not loading

Marty [16:47 Dec 25th, 2019]

and what do you see ?

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Tarzantaman (unregistered) [11:25 Dec 25th, 2019]

Great Game Too Many ADS

The player has no avatar
Achintya0532 (unregistered) [09:34 Dec 23rd, 2019]

old one much better as compare to this

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fformer (unregistered) [22:10 Dec 22nd, 2019]


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DARE DEVIL3294 (unregistered) [23:57 Dec 20th, 2019]

man the new update is a piece of **** thee are too many adds during game play and after every death theres a break and a fingers are dancin please fix this issue😫

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LLL (unregistered) [08:25 Dec 19th, 2019]


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Lord OLemons (unregistered) [16:12 Dec 16th, 2019]

Why are there so many adds now?! Did Poki but this game?!It's really annoying

The player has no avatar
saaaa (unregistered) [10:41 Dec 15th, 2019]

please stop putting ads in this game

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youtuber (unregistered) [14:04 Dec 14th, 2019]

i am at the library and am at number 2 and i trying to play combat Online but it does not woke 😠👿😡 and i give this game a👎 at a library👿

Marty [14:41 Dec 14th, 2019]

it works for me without any problems....did you get some error ?

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mahdi (unregistered) [10:46 Dec 14th, 2019]

Very nice game

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mahdi (unregistered) [10:41 Dec 14th, 2019]



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