Zoo 2: Animal Park

Zoo 2: Animal Park online game

Zoo 2: Animal Park

• Published Mar 20th, 2019 with 28524 plays
• Developer: Upjers

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  • Mouse interaction
If you like games with animals, Zoo 2: Animal Park is exactly for you. In this great strategy game, you will be building up your very own zoo. You won’t be starting from scratch though, since you’ll be inheriting a small zoo from your deceased aunt. The problem is that the land you get is in pretty high demand and the mayor only gave you 48 hours to fancy it up and to bring as many customers as you can. If you can’t do that, the land will be sold, which would mean the end for all of your animals. You can’t let that happen. Become the best zoo keeper around and help your animals. So come and play!

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senior (unregistered) [11:26 May 4th, 2024]

takes so long to load but its the best

The player has no avatar
Karine1506 (unregistered) [09:36 Dec 30th, 2023]

is there any way that i can get free diamonds? like cheat or watching ads...

The player has no avatar
MrXSaiongkia (unregistered) [04:24 Aug 2nd, 2023]


The player has no avatar
nononononon (unregistered) [05:00 Apr 24th, 2023]

i have waited for aaaaaggggeeeesssss for it to load and every time i click "play game" it just comes up with "a letter from granpa". otherwise its a good game but it just doesnt load. i dont care that i spelled that allll wrong. boooorrreeeed😠

The player has no avatar
Sanbom (unregistered) [17:59 Apr 4th, 2023]

best game ever!!!!🙂

The player has no avatar
Sambom (unregistered) [21:02 Apr 13th, 2024]

nevermind, I HATE THIS GAME!

The player has no avatar
noobol (unregistered) [15:53 Feb 26th, 2023]

Wow, cool game🐺🐐🐌🐍🐘

The player has no avatar
Bandit_Artz21 (unregistered) [08:31 Feb 18th, 2023]

I love the game it's cute! :3

The player has no avatar
ilikepancakesyummy (unregistered) [20:09 Dec 31st, 2022]

i love the game best game of my life when I first played this game i fell in
love with it

The player has no avatar
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (unregistered) [13:20 Oct 13th, 2022]

it dosent load i have tryed everything ahhhh i want to play and do any of you like sewing i sew tiny toys and scarvs and stuff i spelld all that wrong
alll 😒😒😒😒😐

The player has no avatar
phoenix (unregistered) [09:38 Jan 30th, 2022]

loading '-'
im thinking '-'
it will take 5 years to load '-'

The player has no avatar
coolkid019 (unregistered) [17:46 Dec 25th, 2021]

this game is fun and awesome

The player has no avatar
vanny (unregistered) [12:11 Apr 14th, 2021]

2 YEARS LATOR i love the game but takes a long time to load i would not play on the go but when you are bored it is a good game for you

Hailey Williams
Hailey Williams [12:39 Feb 8th, 2021]

yeah its like "tes

funny picture
ting testing

The player has no avatar
fff (unregistered) [12:51 Jan 29th, 2021]

Takes so long to load😭😤

The player has no avatar
darkaphawolfgirl (unregistered) [17:36 Nov 6th, 2020]

i cant play it


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