Monopoly Online

Board Boss online game

Monopoly Online (Board Boss)

• Published Apr 28th, 2016 with 359768 plays

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  • Mouse interaction

Play this fun and popular game in your browser. Buy houses and land, rent them out and just watch how your empire grows. In this game you only play against two opponents controlled by the computer. But it doesn't mean that the game is boring! It's great fun and it will be a good training if you later want to play against friends.
Board Boss is fan-made version of popular game Monopoly.

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silento (unregistered) [14:23 Jul 9th, 2021]

you guys cheat us just trying to waste our data

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12345 (unregistered) [11:40 Jul 8th, 2021]


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switcherdawna (unregistered) [09:26 Jun 24th, 2021]

Computer player doesn't seem to buy when he should, doesn't suggest trades,

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imy (unregistered) [19:03 Jun 3rd, 2021]

this knockoff version sucks. Like, give me a minute to process wtf is going on... i cant see my property... this game makes me angy 😠

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Kaylia (unregistered) [14:23 May 12th, 2021]

Take long to load

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minimalcharacter (unregistered) [06:07 May 1st, 2021]

I don't understand the rules. How does any of that work? Where do I see my properties? How do I trade the card I want to trade? I didn't get what I wanted. Also, how do trades work? And can't you go again if you roll doubles? I somehow don't lose money for buying houses or trading? I don't see which properties belong to which player. It's messy and no fun at all.

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adebimpe adesina (unregistered) [16:57 Apr 25th, 2021]

good game for my kids😀😀😀

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Anon (unregistered) [19:30 Apr 21st, 2021]

Horrible game.
Couldn't trade properties, game would charge hotel prices for properties without even a house on them, other players used my get out of jail free card.

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Droxon_2011 (unregistered) [01:34 Apr 20th, 2021]


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chu (unregistered) [13:09 Apr 15th, 2021]

the poorest version of Monopoly I have ever seen...Horrible

The player has no avatar
faith (unregistered) [14:34 Mar 4th, 2021]

i love monopoly

The player has no avatar
Jacquie (unregistered) [16:43 Mar 3rd, 2021]

Overall: Ryan Lost 2 times.

He won once.

I'm jacquie😛

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ava (unregistered) [21:52 Feb 28th, 2021]

takes for ever to load

The player has no avatar
Jsj (unregistered) [11:40 Apr 28th, 2021]

It does

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Buggy (unregistered) [15:23 Feb 15th, 2021]

I had all the railroads, but when an opponent lands on it, it says to pay me $0???

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Bonehead (unregistered) [16:03 Jan 31st, 2021]

It's just not a good version of the game:
1. If you land on your opponent's property, you better have the cash up front to pay rent (or fines), you cannot mortgage your properties to complete your payment. There is no option to return to the game to pay your rent after you have mortgaged your own properties.
2. You can buy houses, just no option to sell your houses or hotels.
3. Not a very smart AI: I was able to buy properties at a 20% to 30% discount from the AI, right after the AI purchased a property.


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