Darkness in spaceship

Darkness in spaceship online game

Darkness in spaceship

• Published Dec 12th, 2023 with 1535 plays
• Developer: Hammer Games Studio

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  • Mouse shooting
  • Scroll wheel change weapon
  • W
    A S D
  • Shift run
  • R reload
  • Esc pause
The story takes place in the future when the Earth has become uninhabitable and other planets are not suitable for life, so humanity lives only in large spaceships. The hero lives in a spaceship called Light and is a special agent. One day their ship is attacked by enemies. Enemies first bring monsters into the ship and then send robot soldiers. The hero must destroy the enemies and save his people.


  • Intense action horror gameplay
  • Beautiful and atmospheric sci-fi environment
  • An entertaining and simple story
  • Good graphics
Darkness in spaceship Walkthrough


Darkness in spaceship Walkthrough


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guccimafia (unregistered) [21:49 Feb 21st, 2024]

bro and why are no humans 👿

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killoy (unregistered) [08:40 Jan 26th, 2024]

why does earth die 😡

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Warrior (unregistered) [01:35 Dec 20th, 2023]


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gmantoilet (unregistered) [14:41 Dec 18th, 2023]


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vera (unregistered) [07:21 Dec 16th, 2023]

Great game.


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