Cactus McCoy

Cactus McCoy online game

Cactus McCoy

• Published Mar 10th, 2011 with 432154 plays
• Developer: Flipline Studios

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movement: arrow keys, jump - A, attack - S, throw away the weapon - D

Cursed by the spiky emerald, you will now be found as Cactus McCoy! You must overcome various obstacles on your journey to fix the curse before the final phase of the curse turns you into Stone McCoy! It's a fun jumping game where you run around the Wild West with a cactus and destroy enemies. A total of 12 different stages are waiting for you, which you have to overcome. In addition, the game offers simple controls and interesting 2D retro graphics that you will surely love. So good luck and be sure to try the second part as well.
Cactus McCoy Gameplay


Cactus McCoy Gameplay


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Mamma_mia (unregistered) [05:28 May 17th, 2024]

Childhood classic

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master_jayo (unregistered) [07:26 May 10th, 2024]

the best video game from my childhood

TinyPinkittycat [14:46 May 6th, 2024]

It's more fun when you play it with remixes from youtube and blaze though and get a gazillion badges and challenges after upgrading a buncha stuff!

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VIP (unregistered) [08:21 May 4th, 2024]

This is the best game ever!

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MrPP (unregistered) [14:03 May 2nd, 2024]

Nice game , but it crashes on 9th level....

CalonFilsuf [00:10 Apr 30th, 2024]

Cactus McCoy brings me nostalgic. Been playing since I was 6th grade, and now I'm at 21 years old

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NOSTALGIA (unregistered) [00:14 Apr 25th, 2024]

Nostalgia equals brick

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sushan (unregistered) [12:12 Apr 12th, 2024]


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C_K (unregistered) [07:05 Apr 7th, 2024]

Does no one else have the problem where the game crashes on the 9th level? I loved this game as a kid, and wanted to play through again, but it cannot seem to run the 9th level for more than a minute before it freezes up.

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sid (unregistered) [08:19 Apr 10th, 2024]

nope, its working perfectly for me

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Angel_Dust (unregistered) [14:29 Mar 31st, 2024]

i love this game!

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Haris (unregistered) [22:05 Mar 24th, 2024]

Wow, the nostalgia...This game is really good. It's a whole adventure.

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Kickah (unregistered) [04:41 Apr 22nd, 2024]

lol same played this in like grade three im in grade 10 rn

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Angel-Dust (unregistered) [15:57 Mar 22nd, 2024]

i love this game

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FISIO (unregistered) [15:10 Mar 11th, 2024]

5 year old me loved this game. Now, after all these years in 2024 I have finally beaten the boss 😎I'm thinking about speedruning it now.

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jacob (unregistered) [07:54 Mar 10th, 2024]

god damn the game is sick i got a whip and i killed like 23 people with it.😎😎

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erdf (unregistered) [12:14 Mar 2nd, 2024]

Really great game level 9 needs a little work but other then that great freaking game.


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