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• Published Dec 14th, 2021 with 8070 plays

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  • Mouse interaction

If you like Monopoly, you’ll enjoy this alternative called Throw the dice and let it roll all the way to success. Start buying or selling and have fun. In this game, the players will have to deal with acquisitions of airports, resources and of course, cities. When you stand on a property, you can buy it and thus collect money from every other player who stands on it after you buy it. It’s a pretty simple concept, right? Try the game out and have fun with your friends!

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tonsofm0ney (unregistered) [16:09 Oct 23rd, 2022]

love thissssssssssssss

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lol567 (unregistered) [09:15 Sep 13th, 2022]

omg i just purchased that lucky wheel map from the store and im in love

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Amanda (unregistered) [17:16 Jul 3rd, 2022]

Me and my friends are having so much fun playing this Monopoly alternative online for free. Thank god for this site.

FireFox412 [14:17 Jan 29th, 2022]

This is amazing game!!!

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Jeremy (unregistered) [15:30 Dec 15th, 2021]

This is the best game ever. I never enjoyed Monopoly that much. Who thought I would be able to play Monopoly online with friends for free? Thank you for sharing this amazing game.


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