Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo

Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo online game

Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo

• Published Feb 4th, 2022 with 3094 plays
• Developer: Upjers

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  • Mouse interaction

🦖 Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo is a great game for dinosaur lovers. In this online game, you will be tasked with building a park for Jurassic animals. In order to raise funds, you will have to allow people to come and visit. It’s therefore necessary to provide your customers with numerous services so that they will enjoy their stay. You’ll need to hire staff, so don’t forget to do so. At the same time, your animals should be satisfied with their living conditions, so be sure to focus on that as well and create great environments for them inspired by the Jurassic period from a million years ago. You can buy them toys so that they don’t get bored. It’s necessary to buy the correct kind, e.g. triceratops love playing with rocks or in the sand. The animals can breed, so you can include a small T-rex in your zoo!


  • breed dinosaurs from all different periods
  • building enclosures and buying toys for your animals
  • customer care and store building
  • hire employees to help you with day-to-day business

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I can log in maybe it is just an error for you?

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