Space Wars Battleground

Space Wars Battleground online game

Space Wars Battleground

• Published Apr 8th, 2024 with 2224 plays
• Developer: GoGoMan

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  • Mouse attack
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar roll
  • R reload
  • G grenade
  • Q || C jetpack
  • Tab menu
Space Wars Battleground is a great action game that plunges you into the thrilling realm of galactic warfare. Engage in epic team battles where the destiny of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

Diverse Characters

Select from a diverse array of characters, including courageous stormtroopers, sharpshooting machine gunners, formidable walkers, and skilled lightsaber masters. Each character boasts unique abilities and combat techniques, enabling you to choose the ideal ally for any scenario.

Combat Advancement

Amass coins through the battle to enhance your capabilities. Purchase new weaponry, customize character appearances, and refine their skills.


Demonstrate your prowess in galactic arenas, ascend the leaderboard, and establish yourself as the premier warrior in the galaxy. Compete against fellow players, garner fame, and earn renown in the struggle for supremacy.


  • Intense intergalactic battles with advanced weaponry
  • Choose your spacecraft and customize it
  • Engage in real-time multiplayer matches
  • Explore various planets and alien environments
  • Mission-based campaigns with epic boss battles
Space Wars Battleground Gameplay


Space Wars Battleground Gameplay


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Minimum number of characters: 3

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ddddddd (unregistered) [05:01 Apr 29th, 2024]

Bruh this game is extremely good. I've never play any game like this

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hjhjhjhjhjhjhj (unregistered) [04:26 May 19th, 2024]

not really

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uuuuuuuuuu (unregistered) [04:27 May 19th, 2024]

hey i think it is good too

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numero (unregistered) [23:32 Apr 25th, 2024]

its okay IF. UR 7

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bed (unregistered) [23:32 Apr 25th, 2024]


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Arian (unregistered) [10:50 Apr 11th, 2024]

bro this game is so fun 😄

The player has no avatar
randompersom (unregistered) [08:30 Apr 18th, 2024]


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Retro (unregistered) [11:01 Apr 19th, 2024]

yep i love this

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