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Suika Game (Watermelon Game)

• Published Dec 1st, 2023 with 5181 plays

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  • Mouse interaction
Embark on a captivating puzzle journey with Suika Game (Watermelon Game), a delightful game that will challenge your strategic thinking and fruit-stacking skills. In this engaging game, your mission is to stack fruits within a designated box, ensuring they don't overflow the top line.
Your ultimate objective is to achieve the pinnacle of fruit evolution: the Watermelon. As you progress, merge identical fruits to create larger, more valuable varieties, boosting your score along the way. The key to success lies in strategic placement and swift reactions.

Collecting Fruits:

You'll be greeted by an empty box awaiting your fruity creations. Using mouse clicks or touchscreen taps, strategically drop fruits onto the playing field. The position of the fruit will correspond to your click or tap location.

Fruit Fusion:

Unleash the power of fruit fusion! Combine two identical fruits to create a larger, more valuable variety. For instance, merge two Honeydew Melons to attain the coveted Watermelon.

Scoring Points:

Your ultimate goal is to amass the highest score possible before the box overflows with fruits. Avoid letting any fruit cross the red line at the top of the game area. Merging fruits grants higher scores and clears space for more fruits
Suika Game Gameplay


Suika Game Gameplay


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Dghu (unregistered) [13:19 Dec 29th, 2023]

Still 1/10

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Dghu (unregistered) [13:19 Dec 29th, 2023]

Take that back no ad

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Dghu (unregistered) [13:18 Dec 29th, 2023]

1/10. Ad then grey screen

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Lia (unregistered) [09:37 Dec 9th, 2023]

So its alright but i couldn’t log onto it lol btw its a 9/10

The player has no avatar
Luna228 (unregistered) [18:02 Dec 3rd, 2023]


The player has no avatar
Lia (unregistered) [09:38 Dec 9th, 2023]

HOW it’s goooooddddd

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