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• comment on Rush Team

they need to improve load time somehow, or make a downloadable version that would work instantly...or should i say him/her (single person development)
i like the new map tho 😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂...

• comment on Rush Team

any suggestions on how i could speed it up?

• comment on Rush Team

and i love the game, just it takes hours to load 🙁 🙁

• comment on Rush Team

yeah, same, unity crashes for me too like every 10 mins :-( I've re-downloaded and re-downloaded but no, it still refuses to work, any ideas? 😑

• comment on Red Crucible 3 Firestorm

Not bad, graphics could be better in some cases but overall a good game with fast loading. the only bug for me is if you are the tank gunner and change the view (v) then zoom in, you kind of zoom fore...

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