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• comment on Battle Royale

i think i know why maybe your WiFi isint working right on this game?

• comment on Battle Royale

i do not know how to make this game multiplayer up to 4 or 5 players?

• comment on Gangsters

OMG thanks!

• comment on Fractal Combat X

Why do stooped people 👎 this game?

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Anthony Dillon
Anthony Dillon [15:38 Apr 23rd, 2021]
Guys i Love doing battle royale but guys i want the game to be up to 4 players like in call of duty warzone!
Anthony Dillon
Anthony Dillon [15:27 Apr 22nd, 2021]
hi im a new person here!
Anthony Dillon
Anthony Dillon [13:54 Oct 28th, 2020]