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josh fuatavai-bevin

Country: New Zealand
Registration: Mar 21st, 2021
Games played: 9
Number of comments: 1
i'm 11 years old and only like to play with people under 14 years old . I don't care if i'm playing with a girl or boy. I am brown i have black hair.
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stop being so whiny

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1v1 online game

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Fly Like a bird 3 online game

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Fly Like a bird 3

Mortal Kombat 3 online game Retro

71% 157.3k plays

Mortal Kombat 3

Goodgame Big Farm online game

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Goodgame Big Farm

HoverCraft online game

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Air Fighter online game

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Air Fighter

Josh Fuatavai-Bevin
Josh Fuatavai-Bevin [15:33 Mar 26th, 2021]
does anyone play online
tia rich
tia rich [21:51 Mar 27th, 2021]

I do

Josh Fuatavai-Bevin
Josh Fuatavai-Bevin [21:56 Mar 27th, 2021]

same here. what games do you play

Josh Fuatavai-Bevin
Josh Fuatavai-Bevin [21:59 Mar 27th, 2021]

how old are you tia

Josh Fuatavai-Bevin
Josh Fuatavai-Bevin [01:47 Mar 21st, 2021]
hi if anyone is reading this I just want to know if anyone plays fly like a bird if you do please play muliplayer
harriet hickling
harriet hickling [10:18 Mar 25th, 2021]

hi i play it can i message you on here

@Gamer11 [04:35 Mar 26th, 2021]

Hello....Bevin u look like a destroyer ur pfp hah hah bye! 🙂

Kane Fuatavai-Bevin
Kane Fuatavai-Bevin [03:29 Mar 27th, 2021]

Hi i'm josh's twin brother. The god of descruction as his profile picture his name is... Liquiir

@Gamer11 [12:55 Mar 29th, 2021]

Cool, god of destruction so ur twin is god creation, Both are different but alike

ZACKARY RILEY [23:47 Apr 10th, 2021]