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• comment on ROBLOX Parkour

I've been a fan of roblox! Why is these games made? =/

• comment on BitLife Life Simulator

I reached the age of 108, and got the Academic Ending.

• comment on BitLife Life Simulator

My game crashes went I try to go over 50 murders.

is this unfair???😭😭😭

• comment on BitLife Life Simulator

Did you say that bitlife is really old? No, it's released 4 years ago.

• comment on Run Of Life 3D

this is so relaxing, my dad would play this.

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Run Of Life 3D online game

80% 27.4k plays

Run Of Life 3D

BitLife Life Simulator online game

82% 132k plays

BitLife Life Simulator

ROBLOX Parkour online game

60% 1.1k plays

ROBLOX Parkour

Traffic Jam 3D online game

87% 567k plays

Traffic Jam 3D

Money Rush online game

82% 33.5k plays

Money Rush

Girl Surfer 3D online game

74% 1.6k plays

Girl Surfer 3D

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AriusHill [12:04 Sep 25th, 2023]
Im back after 6 months of silentness. Glad your here for me! 😊
AriusHill [04:18 Mar 14th, 2023]
Lol i have an account, i have an account because i was bored. thats why!