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umm, alright, expected it to be scarier
How many happy faces= good out of 10
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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First, you have to play something.
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Angelika [19:42 Jul 8th, 2013]
I love ****** games!
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Angelika [19:37 Jul 8th, 2013]
New, like gameflare but tbh begone is better, idk if im a girl and im playing this bt i'd jjust like to be left in peace, btw if you have begone add me Angelica=D Love ya, nawt, i cant luv ya cause i've already got the best boy friend in the world, Btw in my last year second last year of college year 12! gonna be a lawyer or in the IceLand DefenceForce, Im from Ice Land if you did'nt know that, Now i think i have typed for too long so imma leave it here. Im new here so ya betta add me or ill stalk you 😉 jokes relaxes, i do like to talk alot, dont say you want to date me cause i had problems in begone with tommy zarpentie, have his face book, forgot to delete it,i can keep on typing but cbs. FWI i hate you tommy if your on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya as a bestie if ya add me, nxt i might repay you with a kill, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahhaahhahaahahahahhahaha. to let you know i typed 4012 words in two minuets! amazing yea, 19 words in 12 seconds, WOWOWWOWOW genius world book of records come here we've got a new record in typing. Sorry so much mistakes. ill stop now.Wish u the bst. Bye bye