Abandoned Island

Abandoned Island online game

Abandoned Island

• Published Aug 13th, 2016 with 73764 plays

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • E opening items
  • T food
  • H first aid kit
  • G grenade
  • L lock mouse
A ship will drop you on the shores of Canada, where you have to perform different tasks. This online game has a story. It is thus scary game, so get ready for the scary moments. You have a first aid kit, food, or even grenades. It is best when the game is released across the screen because otherwise very often happens that you come outside of the game window with your mouse. Enemy zombies move around you. You need to defeat them at any price. Remember also to improve yourself.

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DoomGuy438 [09:14 Feb 21st, 2021]

i found a pump shotgun where i was not supposed to be and then went to the water and almost killed a water zombie

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Jose B (unregistered) [12:13 Jun 30th, 2021]

nice bro

DoomGuy438 [13:16 Feb 20th, 2021]

omfg i found a grenade launcher it is in the mines next to the first bunch of crystals you come across

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MIKE AFTON (unregistered) [07:32 Feb 14th, 2021]

why is not let me in game this game ****😕😕😕

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ANIMEGIRL (unregistered) [11:31 Dec 19th, 2020]

YO this game is kinda hard but i still think it is o ne of the greatest games to ever be on gameflare and when the water monster first came it scared me and i let out a slight scream 😲😲😲😲

Nat1f [15:50 Jan 6th, 2021]

Yeah is kinda hard.

nightmare foxy
nightmare foxy [12:31 Dec 13th, 2020]

i have been waiting for a hour

nightmare foxy
nightmare foxy [12:30 Dec 13th, 2020]

it takes so long to load

Nat1f [15:47 Dec 8th, 2020]

why is it not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DoomGuy438 [11:31 Dec 5th, 2020]

will not work for me anymore please respond to tell me why😢😢😢

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ANIMEGIRL (unregistered) [13:10 Nov 27th, 2020]

if i die one time it glitches and freezes 😒😒😒😒

The player has no avatar
ANIMEGIRL (unregistered) [11:32 Dec 19th, 2020]

does that to me too pal

The player has no avatar
kaycee (unregistered) [00:31 Nov 11th, 2020]

Its scary

Nat1f [19:29 Dec 7th, 2020]


Nat1f [14:27 Nov 2nd, 2020]

And can you give back my progress with the gold gun?

Nat1f [13:38 Nov 2nd, 2020]

Y8 can you make the cars drivable and can you add a mini-map?

Nat1f [13:31 Nov 2nd, 2020]

It made me angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Nat1f [19:12 Oct 22nd, 2020]

Can you also add a mini-map in the corner. Can you also add a thing where you can see the entire map?

Nat1f [23:21 Oct 20th, 2020]

To the devs.
Can you make some of the cars drivable so you can get around the map faster?


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