Ambulance Driver


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    Left Down Right
  • Spacebar brake

Ambulance Driver is a 3D game, where you’ll be controlling an ambulance. Your objective will be to get the paramedics to the precise location of the accident. After picking up the patients, you will be driving them to the hospital based on the locations given to you. The city is huge, so you could get lost without your trusty map. To add to the stress, there’s a time limit to each level. If you fail, you’ll have to repeat the level. You also must not crash during your driving session. The is offering you 10 levels and lower end graphics. So sit in your ambulance and save lives!

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1st (unregistered) [12:59 Sep 5th, 2019]

fun game😄

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fgg (unregistered) [15:17 May 13th, 2019]

😛 😛 😛 😛 😑 😉

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Game Tester (unregistered) [16:52 May 1st, 2019]

It was great till stage 3. keep crashing and bugging out. Will be shutting down this game.

Marty [02:14 May 2nd, 2019]

no problem for me

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karol (unregistered) [08:05 Apr 9th, 2019]

no coment

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karol (unregistered) [08:07 Apr 9th, 2019]

no comment
😛 😑 😈

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helosir (unregistered) [12:10 Mar 19th, 2019]

i really dont mind this 😊 😉 😑 🙁 😛 😮 😊 😀 😈 🙂

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aurelia (unregistered) [16:56 Apr 6th, 2019]

😮 😛 😛 😛

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LOVE THIS GAME (unregistered) [12:25 Mar 18th, 2019]

was a fun game at first, but once you get to stage 3 and have to fly the helicopter... its impossible to complete. Some sort of error appears if you going to make it (like game crashes, keys sticking). Clearly the dev was not planning for anyone to play past level 3... Dont play this game

Marty [04:41 Mar 19th, 2019]

hmm what kind of errors did you get ? I completed level 3 without any problems

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animal queen 133 (unregistered) [16:59 Apr 12th, 2019]

you are a lire because you say that with every game MARTY

Marty [17:37 Apr 12th, 2019]

don't cry ant try harder 😛

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yuliannocardozo10 (unregistered) [15:06 Aug 15th, 2019]

que guapo

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