Angry Gran Run: Halloween

Angry Gran Run: Halloween online game

Angry Gran Run: Halloween

• Published Oct 7th, 2014 with 16989 plays


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A - left, D = right, Arrow key up = jump, Arrow key down = slip, right and left arrow key = curve

The task of the game is to run the grandmother through the city, and take really great care not to bump into any zombies on your way. We believe that you can make it successfuly and experience so much fun. It's halloween time.

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Angry Gran Run online game

95% 18.0k plays

Angry Gran Run

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Angry Gran Run London online game

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Angry Gran Run London

Angry Gran Run Mexico online game

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Angry Gran Run Mexico

Angry Gran Run Miami online game

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Angry Gran Run Miami

Angry Gran Run Paris online game

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Angry Gran Run Paris

Angry Gran Run Russia online game

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Angry Gran Run Russia

Angry Gran Run: Cairo online game

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Angry Gran Run: Cairo

Angry Gran Run: Grannywood online game

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Angry Gran Run: Grannywood

Angry Gran Run: India online game

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Angry Gran Run: India

Angry Gran Run: Japan  online game

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Angry Gran Run: Japan

Angry Gran Toss online game

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Angry Gran Toss


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lodaer [13:41 Jan 17th, 2015]

my name is omar

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lodaer [13:41 Jan 17th, 2015]


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Black Division [02:43 Oct 10th, 2014]

hi 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

AlexisTheArticWolf [15:14 Oct 11th, 2014]

Hi I'm Alexis wanna talk

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