ArmedForces online game

• Published Jun 20th, 2022 with 140511 plays

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar slide
  • Shift sprint
  • 1 || 2 || 3 change weapon
  • E || F interaction
  • G dynamite
  • H medkit
  • T chat
  • C crouch
  • Tab score
  • L mouse lock
  • Esc pause is an action online game where you’ll be playing on a server together with other enemies or even your friends. Are you a professional soldier, or a total newbie holding a gun for the first time? Don’t worry. Breathe in, point your gun as accurately as you can and ready your reflexes. The objective will be to mercilessly eliminate as many soldiers as you can who will be attacking. Explore the stunning environment, 3D graphics and great physics and show your worth by winning! Good luck and enjoy the game! Gameplay

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Abc (unregistered) [20:59 Jul 21st, 2022]

Some questions:

1. How to pick up ammo after given from the battlestation? Pressing F does not work.
2. How to use the turrents from the battlestation?
3. What does the heli attack and EMP from the battlestation do?

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Jackson (unregistered) [14:10 Jul 20th, 2022]

I now play it Every Day now 😀🔥

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xXGroguXx [13:46 Jul 20th, 2022]

yeah it saved my progress

DEADPOOL221133 [19:56 Jul 4th, 2022]

did it save yalls progress

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GOKU (unregistered) [14:35 Jul 1st, 2022]


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eee (unregistered) [15:28 Jun 25th, 2022]

nice 😉

hectjohn479 [13:08 Jun 25th, 2022]

i love this game

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DASOhN (unregistered) [18:24 Jul 10th, 2022]


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kaderroooks (unregistered) [12:11 Jun 20th, 2022]

is it any good?

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deadshot5 (unregistered) [05:28 Jun 22nd, 2022]

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