Armor Mayhem

Armor Mayhem online game

Armor Mayhem

• Published Jan 7th, 2011 with 101640 plays
• Developer: Louissi

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mouse, movement - W, A, D, pick up the weapon - S, change the weapon - Q, orders - E, score - R, the use of adrenaline - the space bar, pause - Esc

Armor Mayhem is a 2D action platformer shooting game, players take on the role of a soldier who must fight against various enemies in order to reclaim a valuable energy crystal. The game features multiple levels with different objectives, and players can customize their character's appearance and loadout with different weapons and abilities.


The gameplay focuses on fast-paced shooting and platforming mechanics. Players can utilize a wide range of weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, and explosives, to eliminate enemies and complete objectives. The game also incorporates a unique feature called "adaptive AI," which adjusts the difficulty of the opponents based on the player's skill level, providing a challenging experience for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Game Modes

Armor Mayhem offers various game modes. In addition to classic missions, you also have the option to create your own game according to your preferences. A level editor is also available, allowing you to share your creations with other players.

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Cwor (unregistered) [22:54 Dec 28th, 2022]

Fix it pls . some guns u pick cant shoot. Best game ever

The player has no avatar
CoeGr (unregistered) [18:43 Jan 11th, 2023]

When you pick up a new weapon double tap q.

The player has no avatar
guy (unregistered) [23:48 Dec 27th, 2022]

game breaks when you pick up weapons and the flag, otherwise great

The player has no avatar
guy (unregistered) [11:16 Jan 7th, 2023]

you need to double tap q when you pick up a weapon

The player has no avatar
Yeetus (unregistered) [15:46 Dec 20th, 2022]

Its still a bit buggy

The player has no avatar
PosingWinner737 (unregistered) [21:26 Dec 1st, 2022]

Good game, I hope it comes back

The player has no avatar
kSJbdhljx (unregistered) [01:59 Nov 16th, 2022]

guys i cannot shoot

The player has no avatar
CoeGr (unregistered) [16:43 Jan 9th, 2023]

Double tap q

The player has no avatar
getthisgameback (unregistered) [23:50 Sep 16th, 2022]

this game was so fun intill the early 2017-2021 untill it go blocked ive been waiting 5 years and i dont want to wait anymore so please bring this game back

The player has no avatar
Yeetus (unregistered) [15:47 Dec 20th, 2022]

I played this game so long ago to. I wanted It back for so long

The player has no avatar
karma (unregistered) [20:12 Sep 8th, 2022]

pls fix this i really miss it

The player has no avatar
JesusSaves (unregistered) [17:17 Aug 15th, 2022]

One of the best games ever on the computer, we need this to be fixed

The player has no avatar
123 (unregistered) [06:50 Jul 31st, 2022]


The player has no avatar
dioda (unregistered) [13:55 May 24th, 2022]

i miss this game. anybody know where i can play this?

The player has no avatar
Mik (unregistered) [09:13 Apr 22nd, 2022]

please do all you can to rebuild this game!!!!

The player has no avatar
Hooty (unregistered) [14:30 Apr 10th, 2022]

Best game ever, hope it's up and running soon!

The player has no avatar
LETITWORK (unregistered) [13:22 Feb 1st, 2022]

I wish the same thing to please.(the person)

The player has no avatar
please (unregistered) [14:30 Jan 31st, 2022]

i wish for game to return

The player has no avatar
goku (unregistered) [15:49 Jan 10th, 2022]

the year has over is it good now


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