Batterfield Map

Batterfield Map online game

Batterfield Map

• Published Jun 7th, 2014 with 468151 plays

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WASD = move, Spacebar = jump, Mouse = shooting, E = pick gun

You play for teams with players around the world. Your job is obviously to win. You can dive, bomb the enemies, collect weapons and arrange the tactics in the game. This game is absolutely amazing and we highly recommend it!

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Dj_Fokunt [14:20 Sep 18th, 2014]

как запустить игру 🙁

Marty [17:23 Sep 18th, 2014]

hi, you need unity web player (привет, вам нужно Unity Web Player)

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thiagoraposo [20:24 Sep 12th, 2014]

adorei 🙂

orbita [01:39 Aug 9th, 2014]

tengo la cuenta con el panda pero nose como ponerle ropa alguien medice porfavor?????

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Luka185 [07:07 Aug 6th, 2014]

digan plis 😀

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cesar22 [21:47 Jun 24th, 2014]

me dicen como personalizar mi avatar de este juego porfa 🙂


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