Battle Royale

Battle Royale online game

Battle Royale

• Published May 24th, 2018 with 1536619 plays

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • F interaction
  • C crouch
  • Shift sprint
  • V change view
  • B change view side
  • R reload
  • Tab inventory
  • M map
  • N score
  • P menu
Today, we can play a great game and not just that, we can play it in our browsers. At the beginning of the game, you pick your character, name it and set up the number of players you want to play with. The game begins on a plane from which you can jump right into the fray. Pick up all of the gear you’ll need to fight your opponents. Your objective is to be the last person alive. The main disadvantage is that you can only play against bots as of this moment. No download, just click and play online.

The game includes:
* Open world
* Up to 50 enemies
* Many weapons
* Battle Royale mode
Battle Royale online gameplay #1


Battle Royale online gameplay #1


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Minimum number of characters: 3

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gamerboy301 (unregistered) [17:46 Jul 16th, 2021]

wow this games is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄

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MINH (unregistered) [19:52 Jul 12th, 2021]

oh haha battle so easy😷😨😨😎😱😈😆😋

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bruh (unregistered) [14:37 Jul 12th, 2021]

i pro 1v1 me if u can hahahaah evil smile

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Mr.Creeks (unregistered) [18:38 Jun 30th, 2021]

dont matter cus i got a pc😎

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Mr.Creeks (unregistered) [18:37 Jun 30th, 2021]

Its better for pc😩

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kai (unregistered) [21:50 Jun 16th, 2021]

12345 thats how you get gus

The player has no avatar
jelly (unregistered) [22:22 Jun 15th, 2021]

how you get your gun

The player has no avatar
azwin (unregistered) [10:09 Jun 10th, 2021]

whyy laggg😫😫😫

The player has no avatar
zachery (unregistered) [18:51 Jun 12th, 2021]


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the visiter (unregistered) [08:21 Jun 6th, 2021]

I was traped in the loop for millions of years but finally escaped it by creating a rocket and CRAZING throw rift zones and disappearing waiting for months intill the end of chapter 1 the shientist me from a different reality leaves the loop and comes back in and makes another one we have are 3 members of the 7 soon are leder will be reveled. Back to the story / the 2 members of the 7 in the loop make a rocket 🚀 1 of them drive and bring me to the loop I loss my membry but we all go throw rifts one of the rifts sukes the meteor in and I come strate for the zero point then blast everyone one the map in the air THEN.... / we all come down with the meteor we fly away from the map while the meteor crazes into the zero point cuzing a BLACKHOLE! ..................................... to be CONTINUED

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ali a (unregistered) [08:34 Jun 6th, 2021]

chapter 2 season 6 starts with jonsy betraying the io then calling in the 7's leader the foundation first he sees jonsy as a treat and fights but jonsy stops him with one-word geno

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muhammad musa (unregistered) [03:34 Jul 24th, 2021]

ummm nice games

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horsegirl (unregistered) [22:04 Jun 3rd, 2021]

Maybe, if it would load, i would give u a like?

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TNT_Tucker (unregistered) [20:29 Jun 2nd, 2021]

How do you switch guns?

Evan Pendarvis
Evan Pendarvis [19:04 May 31st, 2021]

its good but the grafics could be better

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bob (unregistered) [12:23 May 27th, 2021]

no cool😄

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I'm picky (unregistered) [18:55 May 26th, 2021]

why do u aim!!!!!!

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Abhishek (unregistered) [16:16 May 26th, 2021]

how to change weapon in this


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