Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2 online game

Funny Shooter 2

• Published Jan 18th, 2023 with 70966 plays
• Developer: GoGoMan

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • Shift run
  • 1 || 7 change weapon
  • R reload
  • F || Q knife
  • G grenade
  • E hide weapon
Funny Shooter 2 is a humorous first-person shooter game that will have players laughing as they fight off hordes of comically strange enemies. Players have access to a variety of weapons to take down these peculiar creatures and can upgrade their arsenal as they advance through the game. The game offers smooth gameplay with impressive 3D graphics that immerses players in a fun and entertaining world. Players can also buy new weapons and customizations in the in-game shop. The game also features achievement milestones that players can reach to earn gold rewards.

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Funny Shooter online game

90% 20.1k plays

Funny Shooter


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jigger (unregistered) [22:09 Jan 31st, 2024]

it restarted me😢

The player has no avatar
ilikeTrains (unregistered) [23:24 Dec 16th, 2023]

Cant wait to see the third version

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lololololololol (unregistered) [12:37 Sep 23rd, 2023]

this game is so funny and goofy and i love the way thees goofy redmen fly into the air when i kill them LOLOLOLOLOL keep up the good work of this funny game😆😆😆😆

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misterr-mayo (unregistered) [15:28 Sep 15th, 2023]

please make the ads relatible to me theyre so random

The player has no avatar
someone (unregistered) [22:26 Sep 14th, 2023]

The ADs **** ihte them i cant even relate to the ads at all

The player has no avatar
person (unregistered) [19:37 Aug 29th, 2023]

hurry up

The player has no avatar
Agwix (unregistered) [22:44 Aug 28th, 2023]

Very fun, gameplay feels clean and satisfying. Would love to see GoGoMan make a online FPS like polyblicy, but with the feel of this game. That would be huge

The player has no avatar
yes (unregistered) [15:44 Sep 28th, 2023]

no **** bro

The player has no avatar
Ere (unregistered) [13:21 Jul 6th, 2023]

Goog and good😁😁😁

The player has no avatar
Bruhman (unregistered) [14:58 Jul 4th, 2023]

so laggy

The player has no avatar
dLEGO (unregistered) [22:05 Jun 10th, 2023]


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MEN (unregistered) [01:19 Jun 9th, 2023]

can u restart or what it sucks when ur ballin like me there is nothing to work towards

The player has no avatar
slayer (unregistered) [05:07 Jun 19th, 2023]

what do you mean i love this game if u dont say that u love it dlego and men i will slay u like my name

The player has no avatar
lilly (unregistered) [22:49 May 31st, 2023]

i love it

The player has no avatar
am_not_noob (unregistered) [14:21 May 27th, 2023]

this game is very good but its a bit goofy tho but anyway i give this infinite/10

fds3 [10:50 Apr 28th, 2023]


The player has no avatar
Eons8598 (unregistered) [21:12 Apr 26th, 2023]

omg this game is so nice but I have a crush too


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