Cat Simulator

Cat Simulator online game

Cat Simulator

• Published May 17th, 2023 with 1820 plays

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  • Mouse movement

Cat Simulator is a online game where players assume the role of a virtual feline, immersing themselves in the life of a cat. With a focus on exploration and mischief, players can navigate through various environments, interact with objects, jump, climb, and engage in playful activities. Whether it's chasing mice, knocking over objects, or scratching furniture, Cat Simulator offers an experience that allows players to simulate the behaviors and antics of a cat. It is also necessary to monitor the cat's basic needs, such as hunger, sleep or thirst. When you are low on something, try to replenish it as soon as possible. Let's do this!

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Monkey (unregistered) [21:07 May 21st, 2023]

this sucks im on the computer why cant yall add the computer controls

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Ivy (unregistered) [17:12 May 20th, 2023]

just opened game to many adverts already other than that its a good game

Lyllie Bonneau
Lyllie Bonneau [12:58 May 18th, 2023]

i love cats😍😍😍

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Misjsa (unregistered) [06:21 May 17th, 2023]

The graphic looks nice. I love cats, i need.


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