Conflict of Nations

Conflict of Nations online game

Conflict of Nations

• Published May 5th, 2020 with 17457 plays
• Developer: Bytro

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  • Mouse interaction
Conflict of Nations is an online strategy game taking place at the end of the 20th and at the beginning of the 21st century. There will be a few real time fights where you can use a lot of modern equipment. At the start, you will have to create a big enough army so that you even stand a chance of repelling the enemy. Try to build up infrastructure, invest into development and thus increase your chances of victory. The players can create clans and ensure better protection for themselves. Pick the right strategy and start fighting!

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696969 (unregistered) [18:54 Jan 23rd, 2024]

Mexico supreme

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Deadshot5 (unregistered) [14:24 Jan 17th, 2022]

how fights for iraq cause i just bombed qa'im

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ghost (unregistered) [07:00 Apr 29th, 2022]

i fight for iraq

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pete789555 (unregistered) [15:54 Aug 11th, 2021]

would not let me login keeps asking for the same info over and over. i fill in the info it wants then it says login and again go around in circles, i give up went thru all the steps still could not login.

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ghvf (unregistered) [19:46 Jun 24th, 2021]

it keeps on showing error cant find server

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FUN KOGAMA (unregistered) [04:57 Mar 21st, 2021]


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titanic (unregistered) [17:46 Mar 6th, 2021]

go go go solders

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KILLER$SCORPION (unregistered) [11:17 Jan 12th, 2021]

this game is dope😀

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Gamer girl (unregistered) [04:17 Dec 5th, 2020]

its so cool

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jjj (unregistered) [19:38 Aug 10th, 2020]

takes to long to move into peoples bases

The player has no avatar
Deadshot5 (unregistered) [14:49 Jan 17th, 2022]

true so true it once took me 1 hour to move my 2nd infantry division into qa'im

The player has no avatar
LOLER400 (unregistered) [18:35 May 20th, 2020]

THis is a really cool game love it


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