Deadswitch 3

Deadswitch 3 online game

Deadswitch 3

• Published Nov 12th, 2020 with 46763 plays
• Developer: Wilkin Games

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  • Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Esc menu
  • Spacebar jump
  • Shift sprint
  • CTRL crouch
  • E interaction
  • R reload
  • Q change weapon
  • V melee attack
  • Z special attack
Deadswitch 3 is a fast-paced action game where you find yourself in an arena full of enemies and your goal is to eliminate them all. You will have many modes, maps and weapons at your disposal. Since this is a multiplayer game, be sure to call a friend and play the game together!

- you play with real players or against bots
- you can upgrade your character or its special skills
- as you play through the game, you will be getting new equipment and your rank will be getting higher and higher

- complete missions alone or with your friends
- each operation gives you different rewards

- survive for as long as possible and kill all of your enemies coming in waves
- become the best ranked player around.

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jaosn (unregistered) [19:37 Nov 11th, 2023]

oh no

The player has no avatar
Jason (unregistered) [19:27 Nov 8th, 2023]

my is good😈

The player has no avatar
blrederlg (unregistered) [09:04 Oct 21st, 2023]

bruh took too long loading

WilliamPlays [16:47 Sep 12th, 2023]

I remember playing this with my friends back then. Oh the good old memories. We usually played survival a lot together. Glad i found this game again.

The player has no avatar
dheeraj (unregistered) [04:20 Aug 29th, 2023]


mmm_cheddar_cheese [16:04 Aug 19th, 2023]

people need to register

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fortniteking133 (unregistered) [16:45 Apr 25th, 2023]

cool bart simpson style

The player has no avatar
s898 (unregistered) [11:55 Feb 13th, 2023]

GDK i love this game
❤it's the king👑😵😭😎

The player has no avatar
ChristianThomas16 (unregistered) [16:08 Oct 6th, 2022]

This game is like call of duty warfare 3 I like the game and upgrading.😇😇😇👮😁😁😁

The player has no avatar
son (unregistered) [01:15 Aug 6th, 2022]

COD MW2😃😃😃

The player has no avatar
Ghost (unregistered) [04:12 May 18th, 2023]

this game is like Call of Duty i loved it Plz google dont do anything with this masterpiece game i love it from my heart

The player has no avatar
sydney (unregistered) [18:52 Jun 24th, 2022]

NOTE TO LIAM your a good guy a very nice guy

The player has no avatar
XbabyburrtioX (unregistered) [09:15 May 11th, 2022]

the load is soo long

mnalston2 [19:00 May 4th, 2022]

yeah when we said update we meant a connection update the lags are even crazier now FIX THE CONNECTIONNNNNNN

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xvzcv (unregistered) [09:17 May 11th, 2022]


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AnActualGuy (unregistered) [20:23 Apr 8th, 2022]

rank 2, wonder how i'm gonna get- wait I already knew

mnalston2 [11:51 Mar 21st, 2022]

if you want npc war aka bots just play local play

The player has no avatar
kkhj (unregistered) [11:10 May 24th, 2024]


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