Dinosaurs online game

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  • Mouse movement

Embrace your primal instincts and conquer the dinosaur world!

Change your tyrannosaurus into a behemoth by feasting on humans and other unsuspecting creatures. Dominate the arena by battling rival dinosaurs and amassing the most mass to secure victory. With each level, you'll earn coins to purchase powerful upgrades, fueling your ascent to the top of the food chain.

Avoid the mighty and kill the weak.

Strategically navigate the treacherous terrain, carefully selecting your targets. Avoid confrontations with larger dinosaurs, as they pose a significant threat. Instead, focus your attacks on smaller prey, ensuring your dominance over the .io realm.

Unleash your inner beast and rule the prehistoric world in Dinosaurs.io game!
Dinosaurs.io Gameplay - Dominate In This Eat-Smaller-Things Game


Dinosaurs.io Gameplay - Dominate In This Eat-Smaller-Things Game


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biggggggggggggg (unregistered) [18:37 Feb 26th, 2024]

hurts my fingers😣😣😣😣😵😵

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BUTY (unregistered) [22:57 Feb 22nd, 2024]


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fun (unregistered) [23:15 Feb 19th, 2024]



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