Fire vs. Water Fights

Fire vs online game

Fire vs. Water Fights

• Published Nov 15th, 2021 with 6445 plays

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  • Player 1:
  • W
    A S D
    movement and punches
  • G super punch
  • Player 2:
  • Up
    Left Down Right
    movement and punches
  • P super punch

Have you ever seen, in a game full of great visual effects, water fighting with fire? If not, then we’re offering you this game, where you can choose whether you’ll be playing against an unknown foe, or a friend who’s sitting right new to you. Fight with your fast blows against your opponent and be sure to use your strongest attack to your full advantage. Pick the right moment and win two matches in a row. Good luck in the boxing round.

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ThisGameIsStupid (unregistered) [16:36 May 27th, 2022]

so spoopid omgomgomgomg😭

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Lola (unregistered) [21:28 Apr 7th, 2022]

Ilike this😠😠

The player has no avatar
DUDE (unregistered) [13:20 Feb 24th, 2022]


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identity_hidden (unregistered) [22:28 Jan 8th, 2022]

its like they tried to make a hit game but gave up because they knew it would be a disaster good luck making more garbage

The player has no avatar
thisgameSUCK (unregistered) [07:18 Dec 25th, 2021]

this game is horrible


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