Gibbets 3

Gibbets 3 online game

Gibbets 3

• Published Dec 9th, 2011 with 23455 plays

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Gibbets 3 is a popular online flash game developed by Konstantin Boronenkov. It is a physics-based puzzle game where players take on the role of a bowman tasked with saving innocent people from being hanged. The objective is to shoot arrows and cut the ropes that hold the victims, aiming to free them without causing harm.
Players need to carefully consider angles, obstacles, and the limited number of arrows available to successfully complete each level. The game features various challenging scenarios and progressively becomes more difficult as players advance. Quick thinking and precise aiming are essential to rescue all the characters and progress through the game.

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Gibbets online game

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rhys (unregistered) [14:50 Nov 8th, 2023]

HELP! i'm stuck at the menu please fix this!


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