Idle Mining Empire

Idle Mining Empire online game

Idle Mining Empire

• Published Jun 7th, 2021 with 31071 plays

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  • Mouse interaction

Idle Mining Empire is an interesting strategy game where you’ll have to control a company mining minerals. To do so, you will need people who will be in charge of certain tasks. One will dig, the other will bring the minerals up from the shaft and the third will prepare the minerals for shipment. The money you earn can be spent on employees and improving the production. Later, you will be able to hire managers and let automation help you out. Will you manage to build a large company? Come on, let’s try!

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angleQueenUnicorn_cutie~cute [06:36 Jun 16th, 2021]

i know right, a guy wanted to buy it so i let him because i already got max 9 floor :/

angleQueenUnicorn_cutie~cute [23:19 Jun 12th, 2021]

how many floor have you guys got?😲

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MINH (unregistered) [11:10 Jun 9th, 2021]


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Gavin (unregistered) [19:59 Jun 8th, 2021]

after upgrading, click on your power button but don't hold, click and get your offline money😄😄😄😄😄 also love this game

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Gamer 2.0 (unregistered) [12:34 Jun 10th, 2021]

click on white space(not on game) and click back on the game and you have offline money

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jon (unregistered) [18:08 Jun 8th, 2021]


angleQueenUnicorn_cutie~cute [09:27 Jun 7th, 2021]

its kinda fun,i guess

The player has no avatar
Isjdjffj (unregistered) [13:23 Sep 3rd, 2021]

Your profile is cute

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