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• Published Jan 21st, 2021 with 352874 plays

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Impostor is a fun game where you’ll be travelling in space with the whole crew. There’s one issue however, which is the fact that there’s an impostor among you. Be sure to watch your surroundings, since if you find yourself alone with someone else in a room, it might be the impostor. Their goal is to kill the whole crew, including you. They won’t stop and won’t have any trouble with hurting you and damaging the ship. It will be difficult to find them, but you need to keep looking and watch out for any suspicious behavior. Will you manage to save the ship and the crew? Come on, let's see!
The game is inspired by Among Us.

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LOL (unregistered) [12:20 Feb 24th, 2021]

it is soooooooooooooo fun😍😍😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😊

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Happylife (unregistered) [13:09 Feb 24th, 2021]

yes so damn cool😻💦

Deliann katsuki Villanueva
Deliann katsuki Villanueva [11:05 Feb 24th, 2021]

it not that bad i enjoyed it😄😄

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eee (unregistered) [05:11 Feb 24th, 2021]

this is cool😄

The player has no avatar
dsdfs (unregistered) [09:18 Feb 24th, 2021]

i know right

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Ameir (unregistered) [00:41 Feb 24th, 2021]

wyd homie😎😎

The player has no avatar
GuͧaͣrͬdͩiͥaͣnAͣngel (unregistered) [15:29 Feb 24th, 2021]


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dom (unregistered) [18:33 Feb 23rd, 2021]

so good😃😃😃

Jakecat123 [13:43 Feb 23rd, 2021]

YES! AMONG US!!!!!!!!!

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Alperen (unregistered) [10:47 Feb 23rd, 2021]

İmpostor where

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the gamer dude (unregistered) [19:52 Feb 22nd, 2021]

hey guy its the GAMER DUDE and im playing this game IMPOSTER 1st abal im always the imposter 2t abal it just like killer .io 💩💩🔥🔥😹😹😹😇😇

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pizza 13 (unregistered) [20:12 Feb 22nd, 2021]

im imposter too

The player has no avatar
fran (unregistered) [19:48 Feb 22nd, 2021]

i dont want my kids playing this theres blood "kiding"😃😃

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pro (unregistered) [17:21 Feb 22nd, 2021]

I got game load and everything works on game flare now

The player has no avatar
cat vt (unregistered) [16:23 Feb 22nd, 2021]

what killer sire loris and 119 were ban but how i did this game i ban them lol😆

The player has no avatar
sire loris (unregistered) [16:12 Feb 22nd, 2021]

hey among us getting boring check out this hacks 00010010001000 if you can guest it if you don't i'm hacking you and if you do you will have a difrence in among us 😈😈 i hack these states🇨🇳🇩🇪🇪🇸🇫🇷🇬🇧🇮🇹🇯🇵🇰🇷🇷🇺🇺🇸 this how i hack you 📞💻📱 and this how i look like fidding you and torchering you 💣🔫🔪🔪 and this is how i look when youre lucky 👿👿👿

The player has no avatar
carnage (unregistered) [11:11 Feb 24th, 2021]


The player has no avatar
:ll (unregistered) [08:27 Mar 1st, 2021]

bro those aren't states there are countries u dumbo

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jon (unregistered) [14:25 Feb 22nd, 2021]

hi Toni Fitzgerald nice picter and vidieo

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killer (unregistered) [16:14 Feb 22nd, 2021]

this is the 1st time im gonna haunte you go to among us and chance ypure nick name into killer and be the color bronw if not get here 0010001 you R.I.P 😈😈

Toni Fitzgerald
Toni Fitzgerald [10:14 Feb 22nd, 2021]

i like it it was fun

funny picture

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ubeyde (unregistered) [05:53 Feb 22nd, 2021]

game nice😅


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