• Mouse shooting
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar jump
  • Shift sprint
  • C change camera
  • chat
  • T action
  • R reload
  • C crouch
  • Tab score
  • Q change weapon
  • G grenade
  • H knife
  • L mouse lock

In this game, you’ll be playing under an unpopular regime. People are protesting this regime for disrespecting their human rights. You’ll be playing as an insurgent tasked with numerous different missions. Finish up task and get rewarded. You never know when you’ll stumble upon machine guns or weapons of mass destruction. In case single player isn’t your thing, you can try the multiplayer mode.

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Insurgents 2 online game

79% 14.1k plays

Insurgents 2


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snaker (unregistered) [17:18 Apr 9th, 2020]

insurgetnts 2 i so trash

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JesterKing (unregistered) [17:50 Mar 15th, 2020]

this game is wack

The player has no avatar
random (unregistered) [10:42 Jan 29th, 2020]

Hey Marty i know there was a Unity3d game called ''Highway racer 3d'' but its now deleted! i want to know more, it was one of my fav games!😕

Marty [11:06 Jan 29th, 2020]

it was old game and it does not work anymore, so we removed it

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random (unregistered) [13:05 Jan 29th, 2020]

oh so bad :c

The player has no avatar
random (unregistered) [10:40 Jan 29th, 2020]

Takes a lot to load... -_-😐

The player has no avatar
tyler (unregistered) [12:19 Dec 9th, 2018]


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QWERTYMAN (unregistered) [02:43 Apr 20th, 2018]

NICE 🙂 😊 😀

The player has no avatar
qwertyman (unregistered) [02:32 Apr 20th, 2018]

man this is awesome !


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