Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic online game

Minecraft Classic

• Published May 8th, 2019 with 94446 plays

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  • W
    A S D
  • Left mouse button interaction
  • Right mouse button building / destruction
  • Spacebar jump
  • 1 || 9 change a block
  • B open menu with blocks
  • R reset position
  • F toggle fog
  • Esc menu
As a celebration to the 10th anniversary of this game, Microsoft has released the official version of Minecraft that you can play for free in your browser. It’s the original Minecraft game that has aged a lot compared to the newer versions. You can play the newer versions on your phone or on your PC. Don’t expect animals or any other creatures. You simply have the classic blocks at your disposal and the possibility of creating your own world. The game offers you 3D graphics and simple gameplay. If you’ve played the game before its release, you will be in for a trip to the memory lane. This version can only be played on your desktop browser and not on your phone.

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Aidan Patterson
Aidan Patterson [10:37 May 17th, 2021]
  • It's the first prototype that was released to store shelves.
  • It's super bad but it's the Secend prototype.😡😡😡

I love Minecraft soooooooo much!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

The player has no avatar
yes (unregistered) [11:49 Sep 6th, 2021]

good job

Aidan Patterson
Aidan Patterson [10:28 May 17th, 2021]

You can play on chrome if you have a wireless mouse.

Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen [14:32 Apr 21st, 2021]

this is y it call classic

ALYSSA DIXON [18:23 May 9th, 2021]

i like both i like real minecraft and minecraft classic guys.

Jano Jones
Jano Jones [18:28 Apr 20th, 2021]
  • none
  • it is blocked on a chrome computer

this junk is da wost!!!@#$$##$#

The player has no avatar
??? (unregistered) [09:23 Apr 30th, 2021]

It works for me.

The player has no avatar
mineeeeeeer (unregistered) [11:15 Apr 17th, 2021]

ADD FLYING PLS AND MORE BLOCKS I WANNA ADD A BED PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS i was building a house and it is empty inside useless game i prefer real minecraft

The player has no avatar
yeah9serenity0 (unregistered) [09:04 Apr 22nd, 2021]

exactly i prefer real minecraft to this one isn't fun that much😒

The player has no avatar
ocean (unregistered) [03:32 Jul 31st, 2021]

dont be mad at this game its the old version its not ripoff or somthing

The player has no avatar
more flyyy (unregistered) [09:17 Apr 5th, 2021]

i want to fly ad flyy

The player has no avatar
this game sucks (unregistered) [00:11 Mar 24th, 2021]

bro ive played mc for like 10 years and this aint the og mc

The player has no avatar
pik (unregistered) [11:05 Mar 23rd, 2021]

i want more blocks😭😡😡😡

The player has no avatar
lol (unregistered) [15:38 Mar 18th, 2021]

wtf this game ****

The player has no avatar
boo (unregistered) [22:30 Mar 16th, 2021]

buliod cool🏨🏤✈🚃🚝🚀🚁🎢🚓🚙🚧🎪🚩👍🙀😆😃😅

The player has no avatar
Ashley (unregistered) [10:38 Mar 15th, 2021]

wow cool😃

The player has no avatar
claudia (unregistered) [11:49 Mar 11th, 2021]

I don't like this 😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿👿😈😈😈😈😈

The player has no avatar
lukeafk (unregistered) [18:46 Mar 9th, 2021]

COOL 😇😇😇😇

The player has no avatar
minecraft and copys (unregistered) [15:03 Jan 29th, 2021]

i love how creative it is even if i cant build 😍

The player has no avatar
solcoolki (unregistered) [13:58 Feb 11th, 2021]

yes you can left click and then right click to place blocks

The player has no avatar
mohamed magne (unregistered) [16:49 Jan 27th, 2021]

i dont now how to bulid


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