MX OffRoad Master

MX OffRoad Master online game

MX OffRoad Master

• Published Jan 17th, 2022 with 11678 plays

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  • Player 1:
  • W
    A S D
  • Spacebar front brake
  • S rear brake
  • C change camera
  • R reset
  • Player 2:
  • Up
    Left Down Right
  • Right Shift front brake
  • Down rear brake
  • O change camera
  • P reset

MX OffRoad Master is a mountain bike game made of 14 levels. You can pick from two different maps where you can buy new bikes, costumes, accessories and helmets. You will get rewarded for finishing the individual levels. There are a few game modes, such as Free Ride, where you ride around with your bike with hills, ramps and coins all around you and get rewards! You can pick the singleplayer mode if you’re playing alone, or you can call your friend over and play a two-player mode.

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grayson1234 (unregistered) [07:07 Mar 8th, 2022]

you make the best games

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joshdub (unregistered) [15:48 Feb 13th, 2022]

it suked it was to lagy a pixellated they need to make it less lagy and more realitic

The player has no avatar
reekid1234 (unregistered) [10:49 Feb 7th, 2022]

that is easy


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