Punch Boxing Championship

Punch Boxing Championship online game

Punch Boxing Championship

• Published Jul 10th, 2018 with 20629 plays

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  • Q Cross Punch
  • W Right Uppercut
  • Y Left Uppercut
  • E Right Hook
  • T Left Hook
  • U Right Overhand
  • I Left Overhand
  • D Dodge Opponent Punch
  • S Block Opponent Punch
A game where you’ll be facing against the best boxers of the world. The graphics of this game are very nice and your objective is to wreck all of your opponents. Try to dodge their blows and punch them right back. A great boxing game where you have to think about how to get on top of your opponent. You can always rest at the end of the round. Try not to get KO’d though.

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DUDE (unregistered) [18:42 Dec 7th, 2023]

The game's trash, bro"I have found this game extremely disappointing. The gameplay mechanics are frustrating and unenjoyable, and numerous bugs and glitches detract from the overall experience. Additionally, the graphics and sound design are lacklustre and fail to immerse the player in the game world.

Overall, I was left feeling unsatisfied and frustrated after playing this game. While there is potential for it to be enjoyable with some improvements and changes, as it stands now, I cannot recommend it."😡😡😡😡😡😡😂😂😂😱😱

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mIKEE (unregistered) [20:24 Sep 28th, 2023]

10 minutes and still loading... time to give up. Utter trash.

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Harriis55678 (unregistered) [22:31 Feb 22nd, 2022]

This game is a freaking liar they making up stuff.

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Reynolds (unregistered) [09:16 Sep 14th, 2021]

still loading😡😈😟👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😡😡😡😡😡

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Destroy900 (unregistered) [16:27 Dec 8th, 2021]


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king (unregistered) [20:58 Feb 23rd, 2021]

its supwer punch u and i

The player has no avatar
r (unregistered) [06:20 May 10th, 2020]


The player has no avatar
user (unregistered) [19:13 Oct 15th, 2018]

run run run run run

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Vova (unregistered) [13:05 Oct 6th, 2018]

Fontanilla **** yourself

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Fontanilla (unregistered) [02:56 Oct 3rd, 2018]

The game ****

The player has no avatar
REG [18:42 May 15th, 2020]

no profan language

The player has no avatar
25bas06 (unregistered) [11:10 Oct 25th, 2021]

this game has no connection I agree with r

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