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Run 2 online game

Run 2

• Published Jan 27th, 2024 with 8093 plays

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Embark on a mind-bending journey as a nimble gray alien in Run 2. Navigate mind-boggling levels, defying gravity with every step. Leap across platforms, cling to walls, and even run on ceilings – all to avoid the endless abyss below. Master the unique gravitational pull that lets you stick to any surface, flipping your perspective and defying logic. But beware! Certain surfaces are slick, offering no grip for your daring acrobatics. Can you conquer the ever-shifting landscapes and emerge victorious? Run 2 awaits, a gravity-bending adventure unlike any other!

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Run 3 online game

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Run 3


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cremesicle (unregistered) [08:49 Mar 24th, 2024]

not to lie but it's not that hard when your friend is doing the jumps (thank God she's ma bestie)

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Vixx (unregistered) [05:29 Apr 14th, 2024]

so your friend is doing all the work?

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Vixx (unregistered) [05:29 Apr 14th, 2024]

sorry if i sound rude

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